Our Family

Our Family

Fitzgerald’s Motel is a family owned and operated business located in Wisconsin Dells. We’re committed to ensuring guests receive remarkable service. It’s certainly no secret why Fitzgerald’s Motel is beloved by many seeking a chance to escape, unwind and feel relaxed at their favorite place in Dells. There is a plenty of things to do in downtown. Beautiful surroundings and pretty flowers all over the property. With a lot of loving care, the motel has been remodeled and improved recently (new roof, siding, carpets, bathrooms, furniture and flat TVs in all rooms, and more). We want to keep the rooms affordable and we are very aware that, for many people, incomes have not kept up with the cost of living. Some people find us purposely and some by accident, but everyone has great stories to share. Guests who have stayed with us have treated our motel as their own home, and we thank them for that.

Our Family Members:

Univ./degree: M.S., Jagiellonian University, Poland; M.S.L.D., DeKalb University; Ph.D., Kennedy Western University, Hon.DL. International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England.

Univ./degree: M.S., Jagiellonian University, Poland.


Univ./degree: B.S., De Vry University; M.S., De Vry University; Air Schools ASSOC at C Co. MCCES California.

Univ./degree: B.S., Loyola University; M.S., National Luis University.

Univ./double degree: B.S. University of Wisconsin, Madison; M.S. Mississippi College; M.D., St. George University; Medical Emergency Residency; Newark Beth Israel.

Our business has a moral contract with our guests to provide safety and an honest service at a fair price. Treating guests honestly and fairly is a hallmark of our daily operations for 27 years. Quality customer service is our daily priority. Guests inputs valued and implemented, and they have an important contribution to our success. Rules and polices respect individuals. Our business understands its place in the community/country and acts, as much as possible, to benefit the community/country as well our family. We recognize that we’re part of the community in which we operate. We make an effort to be good neighbors and we support our host communities in various ways, such as involvement in local business groups and nonprofits, sponsorship of local events( Sport teams, festivals, Wisconsin Dells Events, Radio and TV stations, Veterans, children and older people in need, and the like), and charitable programs, which can be both community and nationally based. Our son, Andrew proudly served the country years ago and again is working on the frontline during the coronavirus pandemic as a medical engineer. Also, our daughter Katherine volunteered many years as the Emergency Technician at DeForest, WI. Now, she’s saving people’s life every day being Emergency Medical Doctor. Treating others with respect and dignity is a core value that extends to everyone at Fitzgerald’s Motel. We want our guests to have a great experience and want to return to beautiful Wisconsin Dells and that they, of course, try out a visit to Fitzgerald’s Motel.

Thank you Armed Forces for freedom

I always think of my son, Andrew, who came home from war on Memorial Day years ago. I still remember his words when he called before the war started, “Mom, I love you. I had to tell you that I wanted the best for you and for my country. I hope I’ll come back home. If not, these words will be sent back to you in my uniform. Semper Fi.”

When he made it through the war he also said, “Mom, it was an honor and privilege to serve in this country’s military. What I learned during this difficult time is that in life, I need to be flexible, to realize that sometimes difficult challenges are best viewed as an adventure. I learned that living in a civilized way is not about having the finest things, but about the way people treat one another. I saw that when things are tough, other people can be a great resource of information, strength, kindness, discipline, courage and commitment. Without those brave people, our freedom would not exist.”

Thank you to each man and woman in arms who has died as we place the American Flag on Memorial Day.
Margaret Gewont

Thank you COVID-19 Heroes

It has been a tough year during coronavirus pandemic to combat the virus and to help through this difficult time. There are many frontline and essential workers putting themselves on the line for us and they deserve our support and appreciation.

Frontline healthcare workers and essential workers from coast to coast have gone above and beyond the call of duty pushing further in the face of fear than anyone can imagine.

This is a difficult time for everyone but it’s definitely heartening to see individuals and the community stepping forward to help one another. It’s been really emotional not just for those who have survived but also for those who have not.

“There is so much to believe in. The dark clouds always pass and clear skies return and the beautiful future is headed for better life. The pandemic times are very stressful, but also very blessed. Life is still filled with lots of love,” said our daughter Katherine.

Despite the hardship and health risks, millions of essential and healthcare frontline workers continue to do their job with pride. It’s just overwhelming, the amount of stress and hours that they go through every day having to be on the frontlines.

This time, our son Andrew is fighting again to win the war but against COVID-19. He feels a strong sense of purpose being at work. He said, “We really feel an obligation to help people and to be able to provide care to human beings is a privilege if anything.”

We thank you each and every worker on the frontline for the sacrifices they are making on behalf of all of us!

Margaret Gewont and Eugene Tokarczyk/owners
Fitzgerald’s Motel, Wisconsin Dells

530 Broadway
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965-1550

Fitzgerald’s Motel Main/Reservation Number: 608-253-1651
Motel Web Site: www.fitzgeraldsmotel.com
E-mail address: fitzgeraldsmotel @yahoo.com
General Manager: Margaret Gewont

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